Shipping inside Germany

We also offer shipping services inside Germany for parcels and pallets for our exclusive partners.

We are not general shipping supply company, we work only with known and trustworthy companies, offering high quality shipping services for their clients.

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Terms and conditions

DETRAFIK (Jörg Holland - later only DETRAFIK) is focused in shipping services mainly for private persons around Europe.

We offer freight forwarding services and shipping services in co-operation with market leaders around Europe.

Delivery times

Depending on destination country, delivery time from order pickup is typically from 3 to 8 days.

If shipment contains multiple parcels, they maybe delivered in separate time to destination.

Using our shipping services

You can use our shipping services to ship anywhere inside European Union.

First you'll make order to your chosen webstore for the products. After ordering goods, you'll make separate shipping order from our shipping system. In our system you'll need provide all necessary details for shipping your order.

Our liabilities

As soon as the selected transport company has taken over the goods at the pickup address you have specified, the terms and conditions of this transport company apply immediately.

Cancellation of shipping order

Shipping service order can be cancelled in 36 hours after we've received the shipping order. Order is not possible to cancel after we've picked up the goods OR 36 hours from order have passed.

Shipments returned to us

For some reasons parcels might get returned back to us. We will be in touch with you as soon as we're able after receiving the parcel.

If we're not able to reach you and you don't inform us anyway how we should proceed. After 30 days, if response not received, goods will be destroyed and no refunds are possible after that.

Prices and taxes

All our prices are charged in euros and are inclusive of Germany Value Added Tax (VAT).

You're responsible for possible local tax and/or duties in destination country. DETRAFIK can not be hold liable or responsible for any applicable duties and taxes. That is the responsibility of the customer. The customer must inform himself of any applicable fees / customs duties and deposit these in good time.

In addition, the customer bears all costs of return shipment due to non-taxation of the goods or an incorrect delivery address, non-collection from a parcel shop or a faulty address.

NSAB 2000 transport conditions

We work according to transport conditions of NSAB 2000. According to their provisions, the carrier's liability is limited to cases where the carrier is responsible for the damage or loss. The carrier replaces the principal with a maximum of 0.8 € per kilo.


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